Campervans can be as luxurious as you want to make them, but they rarely come with central heating.  One of the most common questions people ask is “what are the campervan heating options, and which should I choose?”

When considering campervan heating options there are typically three main types in the running – diesel, wood, and gas.  Whilst other types of heating are available (e.g. portable heaters or space heaters), these three are the ones typically opted for when installing in a campervan.

The main things you will need to consider when deciding what is the right campervan heating option for you are:

  • The size of your van;
  • Ease of obtaining replacement fuel sources;
  • Cost of installation;
  • Maintenance costs;
  • Fuel costs.

Howard Campervans have years of experience with installing heating systems in campervans and would be delighted to take a look at your van to see which option would work best for you.